People navigate the city with a complex system of 1,281 bridges and various modes of water transportation. Lodging in a houseboat offers many benefits to people visiting Amsterdam and makes for a truly unique traveling experience.
Amsterdam is home to more than 2,500 houseboats of all different sizes. There are standard single rooms within medium to large boats or you can rent an entire boat to say in. Houseboats come furnished with all the amenities you would expect in a standard hotel room. They have bathrooms, kitchens, televisions, and telephones. The unpredictable Amsterdam weather is no problem in houseboats because they are heated just like a standard room. People stay in boats even during the winter months. Houseboats are equipped with modern plumbing, toilets and bathrooms. So this is an experience much more akin to staying at a hotel than to camping out in the woods.
There is no need to worry about houseboats being too confining to stay in. In fact, many houseboats offer more generous spacing than the hotel rooms in the city, which can be somewhat cramping for tourists from other countries. Tourists who rent a car can keep their vehicle in a nearby parking garage; this can typically be arranged at a fee with the houseboat rental company.
In a city that is well known for its water, houseboats are a wonderful way to get to know Amsterdam in some of the most picturesque settings imaginable. The boats typically float on the water of one of the canals in the city and many operators have boats all over so they can offer rooms in many different places. Staying in a boat allows you to experience the noises and sights of Amsterdam even while you are relaxing at your lodgings and when you sleep at night. Guests love to just sit in their houseboat rooms and look out the windows to watch people and water birds, which can be fed right out of the window. Another advantage of staying in a houseboat is the sun shining through your windows and filling up the room with brightness and warmth.
Most houseboats are located within walking distance of the heart of Amsterdam and yet also provide a quiet atmosphere within the boat just like you would find in a secluded hotel room. Amsterdam is a very compact city and much of it can be explored on foot very close to your houseboat. From pavement cafes to small shops to old bridges, you can find plenty to explore in each unique area of the city next to your houseboat’s canal. Some museums are located right on the water in houseboats or very close to the water. The city is filled with interesting museums and historical walks that can be enjoyed nearby your houseboat. What better way is there to see the “Venice of the North” than to stay on the water in a houseboat?

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