Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is located in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam is the world’s most unique city, world-class metropolis and fun fulfilling city for everyone. This city was founded in the 12th century as a very small fishing village but today it has become a part of the western world. The population of this place is about 750,000. Three canals that ring radiating from the port divide the city of Amsterdam into several islands.

Amsterdam Attractions:

Van Gogh Museum is a good collection of paintings of about 200 species arranged in chronological order. Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum exhibits portray the sequence of events in Amsterdam’s history from early times up to now, the Rijksmuseum is a magnificent collection of works of Dutch artists and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art is a contemporary art museum showcase the work of Dutch painters and French artists etc.
Amsterdam Red Light District was the wealthiest cities in the world in the 17th century. It was also a leading financial center and very beautiful buildings were erected. The city is known for the red light district where prostitution is legalized and for coffee shops.
Vondelpark and Wertheimpark are popular place for those who want to go outside and enjoy picnics with family. Free open air, water fountain, sun and more.
Koningdag or King’ day and Holland festivals are most popular festivals of Amsterdam. Some activities organised on this occasions are music concerts, children’s game, opera and modern dance and more.

Travel guide Amsterdam- World of Amsterdam
Travel guide Amsterdam- World of Amsterdam

When to Visit Amsterdam

The Amsterdam weather and climate are fairly moderate. The summers are warm and quite dry, and winters can be cold and they are usually more wet. For the months of June, July and August, the maximum day temperatures can vary between 20C and 25C. On the other hand, winters are usually above freezing, between 0C and 10C during the day.
Though pleasant and moderate, the weather in Amsterdam is unpredictable. On some days, the weather can switch from sunny to rainy and back to sunny again in just a couple of hours.
Some people seem to think that the Netherlands is a rainy place, but in reality it only rains about 4% of the time. Amsterdam isn’t Scotland!

Amsterdam, the city of canals can be best experienced in between April to October as the maritime climate of Netherlands exhibit during this time.
Amsterdam Seasons
High Season – April to August, December
Low Season -October to November, January to mid-March
Mid-Season – September, mid-March to late March

Though Amsterdam does have a 4-season climate, it is a popular destination year-round. Most of the attractions in the city are not really effected by the weather, such as the museums, dining, shows and shopping. Even in the winter, the weather is warm enough to still enjoy the outdoor parts of the city.
The best time overall would be the late spring to early fall. Roughly from late April to September. Amsterdam is alive with the arrival of spring and there are lots of outdoor festivals and shows during the summer.

Avoid the Crowds
Though with school holidays being on during the summer, that means more people are traveling. You’ll find Amsterdam packed with tourists between the middle of June until mid-August. If you like the active atmosphere, then this is the time for you. But if you prefer a quieter experience, try to book your trip in May or early June, or after the rush in late August or September.
October can be rainy, and the weather is unpredictable. If you are intending to spend most of your indoors, perhaps at a coffee shop or cafe, then you might not care if its raining outside.

When to Save Money in Amsterdam

The perfect time to save money on your Amsterdam tour is visiting between mid-September through mid-November and January through March. Rest of the years, prices are quite high.

How to Get to Amsterdam

Undoubtedly, Amsterdam is a major hub of Western Europe to see and experience many things. The easiest and fastest ways to get at this place within your budget are by taking plane and train.
By Plane
Schiphol Airport in the Amsterdam is located just 20km south west of the city. Operators like KLM airlines, Air France, BMI airlines and Delta airlines etc run their flights at regular interval of time to Amsterdam from London.
By Train
Amsterdam can also be reached with ease getting into high-speed Eurostar train as it is well connected to the cities all over Europe. What you have to do is to take this train from London St Pancras International train station and reach Brussels which takes approx. time of 1 hr and 15 minutes. After here need to hop on the Thalys train Brussels to Amsterdam and the complete journey takes time of around 4hr 20 min.
General Information
Where to stay in Amsterdam – Hotels of different star, youth hostels, camping, bed and breakfast.
Eating and Drinking in Amsterdam – Cafes, restaurants, coffee shops etc
Places to see in Amsterdam – Different tourist attractions, unique sights and museums etc
Shopping and Sports in the city – Albert Cuyp and the Dam Square are famous shopping centers, whist the important sports of the city are Squash, table tennis, golf, cycling and ice skating etc.

With all the new corona virus rules check Dutch government website for the latest implemented rules about traveling to Amsterdam – travel to Amsterdam coronavirus

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