Every summer, Amsterdam turns into a virtual hub for tourists from all over the world, you come to this historic metropolis for its flea markets, cultural heritage, and of course, bicycle rides along its many canals. For the budget conscious traveler, however, there is no better time to hop on a plane to Amsterdam than autumn, when the last of the tourists head home and the hotels and restaurants drop their prices drastically. The city, of course, still retains its characteristic charms, with the only exception being that everything is cheaper, and less crowded!

Autumn in Amsterdam is very pleasant with the last warm winds of summer still lingering in the air. You might not be able to ride a bicycle in a pair of shorts, but you won’t need your stuffy jackets either. The days are largely warm, and there is a pleasant nip in the air in the evenings. A light jacket or a blazer will be more than enough to see you through Amsterdam autumns.
If you are heading to Amsterdam in late autumn, it is advisable to bring along a raincoat or an umbrella since October and November are traditionally the rainiest months of the year in the city.

Things To Do in Amsterdam
Amsterdam has long been one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Its many historical landmarks, museums, and heritage sites have been amply chronicled. But beneath the historic veneer is a modern metropolis boasting some of the best restaurants, loudest pubs and finest nightclubs in Europe. Amsterdam is a city of contradictions, and no matter the season, it offers something for everyone.

Culture, Museums and Architecture
Amsterdam boasts one of the highest museum densities of any city in the world. Admire Van Gogh’s striking original paintings at the Van Gogh museum, or head over to the Rijksmuseum – the National Museum of Holland – to take a look at storied Rembrandt paintings, including the ever popular, ‘The Night Watch’. Some other museums of note in the city are Anne Frank House and the EYE museum dedicated to film and moving images. Taking children to these museums is an excellent way to acquaint them with the rich cultural heritage of Europe.
Amsterdam is a curious mix of modern steel and glass wonders sitting alongside post-Renaissance era buildings. The Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Central Station, the Shipping House, Museum Het Schip are architectural landmarks no tourist to the city can afford to miss. Modern architecture enthusiasts will love the Eastern Docks and ARCAM. Film buffs shouldn’t miss Tuschinski Theater, one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.
Note: September traditionally hosts the ‘Open Monument Day’ in the city where 54 important monuments are open to all public, free of charge.

Cuisine and Nightlife
As a modern cosmopolitan hub, restaurants in Amsterdam cater to every taste bud imaginable. The famous Amsterdam cafes along Leidseplein serve authentic and fusion Dutch cuisine. The restaurants in Jordaan, the Spui and Chinatown are worth checking out for their eclectic mix of restaurants offering food from all over the world.
Amsterdam’s nightlife is famous the world over. The much-storied Red Light District needs no introduction. For those looking for more a more ‘wholesome’ experience, Leidseplein offers dozens of trendy nightclubs, pubs and bars. Rembrandtplein, another busy commercial district in the city, also houses lots of clubs and bars patronized by the locals.
Despite housing a million people, Amsterdam retains a slow, relaxed pace.
If you are having trouble booking Amsterdam and you want to experience some nice Autumn short breaks October or September, why not try England? There are plenty of great locations to explore and with the summer prices and crowds depleting to less-intimidating levels, these months are the perfect months to explore the English cities that you never had a chance to visit.

Amsterdam is a city full of hidden gems and surprises and unless you visit it, you can not find them. We will try to cover a top 10 best things to do while you visit Amsterdam

10. Canal/bridge photography

You can’t say you have been to Amsterdam unless you have a photo to prove it. On a canal bridge with a bicycle on the background and you are set

9. Eat the famous Belgian Fries
Thick French fries, which are not French, but also not Dutch, they are called Belgian but it’s a Dutch traditional food. Confusing, right? This is less important. The best thing about those fries is that you can have a portion with over 30 types of sauces to dip in.
Or maybe you would like to try the fries with the Dutch version of the sauce, a combo of peanut sauce and onions.

8. Have a walk on Red Light District

For some people this might be a taboo but you can’t visit Amsterdam and not pass by Red Light District called also De Wallen. Here you can find gorgeous lady’s and ladyboys sitting behind a window and selling sexual fantasies.

7. Enjoy Heineken Experience

A 4D experience inside the Heineken Brewery where the most famous beer of the world is made. You will get two beers for free while touring

6. Take a boat cruise on one of the many Amsterdam canals

With a starting point from Central Station, many boat cruise companies will float you on the main central water canals. You can choose from basic 1 hour cruise, pancake cruise, dinner cruise and so on

5. Eat a herring like the Dutch

Once a week the Dutch has as an immunity boost a raw herring with onion and pickles

4. Visit Van Gogh Museum

One of the most visited museums from all over the world, Van Gogh museum will not leave you dissatisfied if art is one of your passions. At the museum you will find a gathering of the best paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

3. Go the Zaanse Schans

This are not in Amsterdam, but they take power of the main attractions to visit. Located next to Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans are historical windmills next to distinctive green wooden house

2. Peep show?
If you are not easily offended and you are over 18 years old, just for fun, go in Red Light District to a live peep show. Viewer discretion it’s advised

1. Have a bite from one of the food stalls in an old tram depot

Handmade products by Dutch sellers, art, over 30 stalls of different kitchens where you can spend your cryptos; this is called De Hallen and worth a visit.


Walking down the canals especially in the Red Light District area you will be approached by many people asking you if you want any kind of hard drugs. Under any circumstances don’t accept anything what they offer you. Even the Dutch city hall and the police brings awareness to tourists every year through big signs all over the city about the danger of those substances. Many tourists fell in the trap of those sellers and lost their lives.

Because Amsterdam is the home of 165 canals and 1281 bridges there is everywhere danger of falling in one of the canals. If you had a bit too much to drink or you are passionate to shoot the perfect picture over the bridge beware of the canals around you. Not only few times tourists had to be saved from the canal’s waters. The Netherlands has the law that all children have to learn to swim from a very young age due to many canals in the country. Some adults have a special swimming diploma which require them intervention if they see someone drowning.

There are three very well defined paths of a street in The Netherlands: pedestrian path, bicycle path and car path. The bicycle path is also used by scooters with a blue license plates. Because the bicycle path is not often seen in many other countries, tourists tend to overlook it. This is a very dangerous thing to do because there is 1 bicycle/local in Amsterdam only. Yes, Amsterdam has around 850.000 residents and around 850.000 bicycles. This fact makes The Netherlands the country with the most bicycles/capita. Many bicycles are used to relieve traffic jams and because of the small streets from Amsterdam center. Take care where you walk so you do not end up thrown away by biker, because hey! the bicycle path is meant for bicycles only.

In the Red Light District you can walk on the canal and side streets and see the sex workers in the big windows with red light waiving and inviting you in. This place in Amsterdam is legal and regulated by the government which bring rights and obligations for the sex workers and the tourists as well. One of them is that you are not allowed to take a picture of a girl who sits behind a window in Red Light District, because her privacy might be breached with lately massive online posting. If you still do that you risk to get your camera destroyed and lose all your beautiful shots you did until then. Better just enjoy yourself and keep a live memory and let your friends come to see for themselves this worldwide known place called Red Light District or De Wallen.


In Amsterdam public transport is considered having a pretty high price. For €2,90 you can ride the tram/bus for one hour or you can choose for a 24 hour ticket for €7.50. The tickets are mostly bought from the tram/bus itself but some stations now have ticket machines where you can buy from. If you did not pay for a ride and the driver saw you he will call you out and all attention will be on you; I am sure you would not like that. If a ticket check is performed and you don’t have a valid ticket, you will pay a fine of €50. Better use this money to visit a couple of museums and eat an apple pie, right?


In Amsterdam, marijuana and related products are tolerated for personal use. You will find weed or hash for sale in a shop called coffeeshop. It’s actually like a cafe-bar but instead of alcohol you can buy weed and smoke it. You need to be over 18 years old to be allowed in a coffeeshop and you will be screened at the entrance; don’t forget to have a valid ID with you. Places like Starbucks and Coffee Company are called cafes or coffee houses.


You wake up in your cozy hotel room, open the blinds and the sunshine hits your just awaken eyes giving you the best feeling in the world. That’s how Amsterdam’s weather is. For the next 5 minutes. Got’cha, right? Holland’s weather is pretty unstable and you can’t rely on. Now you will have the beautiful sun smiling at you, and in the next half an hour rain is pouring like a waterfall. Then again, you must take out your sunglasses from your bag because sun still doesn’t want to give up, and shines again. Due to its location, The Netherlands has by default a moderate maritime climate with high humidity.

Amsterdam is a safe city, well protected and organized and with many implemented rules. Amsterdam is full of friendly people, but not all of them are as friendly as they want you to see. When you go out to a bar, club or a party always take care of your glass and don’t accept any open drinks from someone who you don’t know. This only if you don’t want to wake up in a side alley with your wallet and money gone. Don’t accept any cookies “to taste” from anyone, better buy your own unopened pack from a shop.

You remember to take all necessities for a whole week to spend in beautiful Amsterdam. You managed to arrive safely and even the flight company didn’t lose it this time. Now that is in your possession again you must take care of it very well. From the airport to the hotel don’t lose sight of your luggage because you can get robbed of it and you will have to spend your whole holiday in one pair of clothes. Very important, always take care of your luggage’s and be aware of pickpockets in busy areas.

Weekly the city hall of Amsterdam removes tons of locks from all the bridges around the city. To hang a “love lock” on a bridge in Amsterdam is in particular a very bad thing because the iron locks damages the bridges. The iron locks are heavy and the bridges are built to support a limited amount of weight. The bridges are part of UNESCO heritage and are protected by Dutch law.

The goal of this article was not to scare you, but just to remind you to be more aware of your surroundings and to avoid unpleasant situations. The last DON’T is definitely “Don’t forget to have fun”. Amsterdam is a wonderful city with many hidden gems and secret places; just do your research and I am sure you will find the best spots where to enjoy your wonderful vacation

Acai bowls (Acai na tigela), avocado eggs, organic coffee are only few of the hip super foods. They are not only super healthy but the are delicious as well. For a healthy breakfast or a late brunch here is a list with best best places in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a healthy brunch or a coffee with a dessert without feeling guilty.

  1. Pluk Amsterdam Reestraat
Pluk Amsterdam Reestraat Healthy Coffee

Nice little spot in the heart of Amsterdam between one of the famous 9 Streets, Pluk is a quirky shop who sells desserts and brunches foods what are not only healthy and delicious but also Instagramable. Try a macha cake with fresh ginger tea for a cold afternoon or an avocado breakfast for a begin of a wandering day.

And of you already had breakfast, lunch or coffee but you want a souvenir to bring to your friends Pluk sells all kinds of mugs, earrings or paper planners.

Pluk Amsterdam menu

Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam



2.  Omelegg – Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

Omelegg Amsterdam Brunch
Omelegg Amsterdam Brunch

Fantastic omelets, friendly staff and inexpensive prices. A small hidden place close to Central Station with quirky small tables and benches this place is very easy to miss when you pass by. Early birds with opening times from 7 AM in the week days and from 8 AM in weekends Omlelegg is a must try for anyone who likes eggs and healthy and delicious breakfasts and lunches.

Omelegg Amsterdam menu

Nieuwebrugsteeg 24, 1012 AH Amsterdam


3.  Vegan Junk Food Bar

Easily said the best vegan fast food in Amsterdam! unbelievable delicious vegan burger, loaded fries all in a fashionable setting. The Vegan Junk Food Bar is building up on its triumph and is a perfect place for the vegans out there who also merit a cheat day! Marvelous concept and absolutely amazing how junk food is replicated in a Vegan option. Combination of Vegan food and fast. Can be crowded so there might be a waiting list.

Vegan Junk Food Bar menu

VJFB – West
Staringplein 22

VJFB – East Side
Eerste van Swindenstraat 389

VJFB – De Pijp
Marie Heinekenplein 9 – 10


4. Munch Food Fit To Go

Tasty, delicious juices which will make you fast addicted. A variety of milk base like almond, oat, coconut or water based juices for people who has specific wishes. Salads and smoothie bowls are served in beautiful environment and they are laptop friendly.

Beethovenstraat 77, 1077 HP Amsterdam

Much Food Fit To Go menu


5. Vascobelo Café-Brasserie Stadionplein

In the South part of Amsterdam, next to the Olympic Stadium, you find the Vascobelo Café-Brasserie Stadionplein. High ceilings, fantastic library and stunning open kitchen accompanied by best coffee in town and healthy and delicious food. They are describing their menu as “breakfasts are famous; lunches healthy and quick; and dinners exquisite” and we agree 100%. On top of it they offer ORGANIC wines.

Vascobelo Cafe-Brasserie Stadionplein menu

Stadionplein 100, 1076 CK Amsterdam

The capital city of ‘Kingdom of Netherlands’, Amsterdam has a bucket full of visitor attractions. The city houses beautiful museums, ancient churches, finely built bridges and iconic buildings. Widely famous with the nickname ‘Venice of the North,’ it has no less than 100 canals running through it. The city is popular for its intricate water canal system. At every corner, there is something amazing to explore in this cosmopolitan capital city of Europe. Be it romantic coffee shops, the pretty flower market or the fine architecture; Amsterdam is indeed beautiful!
If you are planning to book your tickets, here is a quick guide for you to know about the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Go on exploring. . .


1. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the most famous art repository in Amsterdam. Undeniably, it is the national museum of the Netherlands. The museum is a big attraction among the visitors who want to explore the works of finest of art and architecture in Amsterdam. It’s amazing to note that if we go by numbers, the total collection of artifacts must be more than a million. These masterpieces date back from the 13th century onward.


2. Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam owes this famous museum to the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. This museum is a major pull among the visitors. Van Gogh museum houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings. Each year, too many a people, in millions visit this Museum to witness the best works of his art work and thus, making it to the second most famous tourist attraction in Amsterdam.


3. The Canals of Amsterdam

Initially, Canals were built to check the flow of the Amstel River water in the city. But today, these canals have become a reason for Amsterdam’s much popularity in terms of its intricate architecture and structure. The entire city dwells along these water canals. The visitors find it soothing to take a boat ride along these canals. It’s a delight to witness the city’s ancient architecture whilst enjoying the natural surroundings.

4. The Anne Frank Museum

You must have heard about Anne Frank! This tourist museum is whole heatedly dedicated to her. The museum is a remark of the tense history. Anne Frank died when she was 15. But, her work deserves a remarkable respect. Anne wrote a diary that became an international bestseller after her death. This museum is in memory of the lost talent Anne Frank.



5. The Begijnhof

This tourist attraction in Amsterdam is slightly different from the others. It is a collection of well maintained green lawns, open courtyards which sets a perfect and serene place to add in your must visit list. The city’s oldest preserved wooden house (year 1465) is also located inside the Begijnhof as well. This place is good to explore as only a few people are aware of this beautiful green place.


6. The Flower Market
The famous Flower Market in Amsterdam is loved by most travelers. It’s the most fragrant place you can visit in Amsterdam. This permanent market’s trend prevails since the year 1862. The flower stalls float on boats. It’s absolutely a delight to watch the city colored in vibrant flower colors. The local Dutch people also call it ‘Bloemenmarkt.’ Well, thanks to the fact that it’s the “world’s only floating flower market,” it remains very popular with the tourists.

If you want to sit in the middle of nature, sipping a glass of good wine and watching over the lakes, watching magnolias and birds, the beautiful ducks you can simply go to Vondel park. Inside the park you will find few cafes and restaurants if you get hungry or you can just buy something from the closed by market and have a “mini-picnic”.


Less busy than Vondel park, this park is mostly visited by locals and expats. With amazing water works and superb landscaping Westerpark is a very good place to exercise, to enjoy cycling or visit the farm where the goats and calves will not mind if you want to hug them. Inside that park lies a historical building called Westergasfabriek which was build in 1883 and now is being used as cultural events.


A suburban park situated in the west side of Amsterdam, Sloterpark has a huge lake surrounded of green trees and many bridges. The park is a good place for water sports, fishing (you will need a permit for that), exercising or just relaxing. Sloterpark has an artificial beach and few restaurants on the shore where you can chill in the summer. The cafes and restaurants are based in the S-W part of the lake and are open all year round.


One of the few forests from Amsterdam area, Amsterdamsebos is the home of a goat farm from where you can buy fresh cheese and milk. In the park you will find a pancake house and restaurant cafe where you can have breakfast or lunch. In the middle of the park is an Olympic rowing lake where athletes but not only train all year round. The hotel Spa Zuiver is located in the park and offers besides tennis courts which can be rented by the hour, also a full working spa.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, there’s a prediction that your closet is going to get some new gifts. Amsterdam is a land of glitz and charm which owes it the title ‘A Shopping Mecca.’ The crowd of tourists and the local people are greatly attracted by the shopping centers dwelling around the different corners of the city. There is a lot to shop in there; be it the street style fashion, the contemporary Dutch styled clothes or an elegant vintage dress. Amsterdam is a perfect destination that may interest even a shrewd shopper. It has always been recognized for its uniqueness and creativity in shopping trends. Here’s a quick Amsterdam shopping places guide for you to explore the best of fashion in the “Venice of the North.”
1. Ramble through ‘The Nine Streets’
Locals call it ‘De Negen Straatjes ‘ or ‘De 9 Straatjes.’ ‘The Nine Streets’ is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s intricate canal belt. These are actually a coil of nine streets where you can shop the quirkiest of things. A combination of vintage stores, designer wear shops and some good cafeterias make it a good shopping place to shop in Amsterdam. You can wander from one street to the next and explore the city at its closest!
2. De Bijenkorf’s stores!
Another good place to shop in Amsterdam is the De Bijenkorf. It is a huge shopping chain that has the top international brands such as Hugo Boss, Scotch & Soda, Ted Baker & Tommy Hilfiger. Bijenkorf stands for ‘beehive.’ The shopping center is actually a beehive of all these brands declaring it a Dutch favorite.
3. Indulge in some antique shopping at the Spiegelkwartier!
This is the best place if you want to hunt for antiques. It houses a collection of antique shops and galleries with impressively collected works of paintings, ceramics, glass, jewels, furniture, tribal and Asian collectibles.
4. Enjoy best prices at the Albert Cuypmarkt
To enjoy Amsterdam’s laid-back atmosphere, it’s a good place to visit. Every morning, sellers unwrap their stall covers and exhibit fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and even clothes. People rush there in huge numbers as you get goods at the most discounted rates there. And who doesn’t like to bargain?
5. Don’t miss the PC Hooftstraat!
Amsterdam is known for the designer brands of the PC Hooftstraat. It’s one of the most reputed and expensive shopping centers in the city. Dive into the best of brands and designer wear including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. It’s also a nice place if want to indulge in some window shopping!
6. Kalverstraat: The busiest commercial center
This popular shopping street runs through Dam square and the Muntplein. It is a popular shopping area that is surrounded by a series of music stores, fashion stores and shoe stores. It’s a 750-meter long street roughly which is a huge crowd puller! Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, Kalverstraat is one of the busiest places in the city.

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands. Rich in its history, Amsterdam is the land of museums and famous canals. The city intertwines historic past and urban flair. There’s a chain of things that await you to explore them when you visit Amsterdam. It is widely popular for its artistic and traditional heritage, detailed canal system and small houses throughout the city area. Not only this, the city houses a number of ancient churches and courtyards which make Amsterdam loaded with amazing visitor sites.

Of course, if you plan to visit Amsterdam, you must be interested to know that every year more than 300 festivals are held here. So, it doesn’t matter which time of the year you visit Amsterdam, the city would always be lit with vibrant and diverse festivities all around. The next good thing about the ‘Venice of the North’ is it’s efficiently made canal system. The beauty of Amsterdam is built around intricate canals, breathtaking architecture, and recent technology. Throughout the city, you are going to find a sizable system of canals. Some cool folks prefer to call Amsterdam, ‘The Dam.’ It’s also the place where you are surprisingly going to find more bicycles than the residents. What a fun to explore the city on bikes!

Amsterdam is indeed beautiful and hence, it attracts many professional photographers who come here and capture the spectacular scenes of Amsterdam. Its charm is captivating and worth the praise. The sunset views are breathtaking! The city is coloured with the lovely flowers in the flower market. Amazingly, Amsterdam is home to highest number of nationalities out of any city in the world. Travellers in thousands from around the world visit Amsterdam every year.  With a plenty full of destination places in the city, at every turn, you find something fun to do.

Rich in ancient museums and classic art and architecture, Amsterdam is home to several of them such as Van Gogh Museum, Verzetsmuseum and the Rijksmuseum. Every place in there has a string attached with historic values to them. The whole city stands on a water body. This is the major reason why the majority of buildings in Amsterdam are built on long poles. Mostly, the people living there are as tall as 184cm. If you plan a trip to Amsterdam, it means you are definitely going to meet a lot of giant people. In fact, the people are so friendly that they greet you to the safest city with their warm hearts. Yes, Amsterdam has a far lower crime rate than most other popular European capital cities!  So It is safe for you and your Journey.

Amsterdam is also renowned for its Coffee shops, Cuisine and Red Light District. But you can be shocked and surprised because most of the coffee shops won’t offer you coffee but marijuana. Yes, In Amsterdam, It is legal and sold openly, marijuana shops are also called coffee shops. So make up your mind what you want to take, coffee or marijuana?

The capital city of Amsterdam is located close to the North Sea to the west, which majorly becomes an important factor in influencing its climate. Geographically present at North Western Europe, Amsterdam shares its boundaries with the coastline of North Sea on its north-west. Although, the weather in Amsterdam is considered mild throughout the year; be it summers or winters, but definitely there has to some best time to visit Amsterdam.
If you want to explore the city at its laid back best and that too with a comparatively lesser crowd, then you must make a note. Mostly, the number of visitors is pretty much higher in the summer months. August is considered as the hottest month in Amsterdam with the mercury shooting up to 17 degree Celsius (63 degrees F). One thing that certainly needs to be taken care of is that you should not plan a trip when there are chances of a scorching sun at your head. Amsterdam is a beautiful and romantic place! Exploring becomes extra fun when you visit Amsterdam during a pleasant climate.
The most appropriate yet best time to visit Amsterdam is just before or after the hot summer season. Also, the summer months are the peak time to find a superfluous crowd there. The charm and the pull of Amsterdam still remain the same if you go there off season. Every bit of the place is as attractive as it is during the summertime high tourist season. Another good thing about visiting Amsterdam during months from September to November is that you get a slight hike in the hotel prices and bookings. One must always be pocket-wise! The best thing about Amsterdam is that whichever time of the year you travel there; you are going to find bundles of joy. With more than 300 festivals every year, it is among the top destination spots in North Western Europe. Among the top winter festivities of Amsterdam, a few are ‘The Light Festival’, ‘The Christmas Season’ and the exhibition fests at the museums. On the other hand, if you visit Amsterdam during March-June, just the right time before the high summer knocks in; you can enjoy the city in vibrant colors. The film festivals and the King’s Day celebrations are a big thrill during this time of the year. The famous ‘Tulip Festival’ also knocks in the month of April making it a good time to visit Amsterdam. Enjoy your trip amidst the blooming tulips all over the beautiful city!
Fret not If you have missed the season March-June, If you are planning to visit this city during September-November, It is right decision absolutely, there are many other cultural and dancing festivals during this season even if It is Forro Amsterdam Festival, Dockyard Festival or any Music Festival. This is a full of Charm, Enjoy, peaceful and Relaxed Environment. So do not think a lot anymore and have a party and dance with these happy-minded Dutch people and keep this in your brain throughout your life and keep yourself laid-back forever.

Some Amsterdam hotels are not brand new builded, but they are remodeled from old buildings which used to be totally different things than what they are now. Here is a list with most interesting ones:


  1. Amrath Hotel

Build and called as a piece of art, the building from Prins Hendrikkade 108, was not meant to be a hotel when was constructed in early 1900. First was used as a headquarters of six shipping companies where also travelers could buy voyage tickets. The booking counters are still existent and could be seen inside of the hotel.

In 1983 the building is taken over by public transport company (GVB) and remains so until 1998. The remodeling of the 5* hotel starts in 2003 and in 2007 is the grand opening of Grand Hotel  Amrath Amsterdam and meanwhile wins several prizes.



  1. Art’Otel

When the six shipping companies build themselves the what is now Amrath Grand Hotel, one competition company decided to build its own office building. The company called Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd (KHL) opened its doors in 1920 and due its low performance in 1922 moved its headquarters to Oostelijke Handelskade. The building left behind took the name of Lloyd building and was taken into use by Land Registry. Later it has been converted into Art’otel by Park Plaza Hotels and Resorts and opened its doors in 2013.



  1. NH Amsterdam Noord

The true urban legend says in the past this building used to be a hospital. Although in the late 80’s was transformed in NH Noord Hotel, there are still here and there left designs which give you a hospital feeling.



  1. College Hotel

A sophisticated 19th century construction build on purpose of being a school and kept its intention until mid-2000’s. In 2005 the school becomes College Hotel where students from many institutes are working as staff. The hotel is managed by experts.


  1. W Amsterdam

In 1903 is build the first post and telecommunication center from Amsterdam central. An unique building design with Dutch influences and best location, this building its used its sole purpose until 2015 when Starwood corporation took it over and transformed it in a 5* hotel called W.

Located on the area of two front facing buildings, the second one used to be a bank and now became the second part of the hotel called The Dutchess.



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