The capital city of Amsterdam is located close to the North Sea to the west, which majorly becomes an important factor in influencing its climate. Geographically present at North Western Europe, Amsterdam shares its boundaries with the coastline of North Sea on its north-west. Although, the weather in Amsterdam is considered mild throughout the year; be it summers or winters, but definitely there has to some best time to visit Amsterdam.
If you want to explore the city at its laid back best and that too with a comparatively lesser crowd, then you must make a note. Mostly, the number of visitors is pretty much higher in the summer months. August is considered as the hottest month in Amsterdam with the mercury shooting up to 17 degree Celsius (63 degrees F). One thing that certainly needs to be taken care of is that you should not plan a trip when there are chances of a scorching sun at your head. Amsterdam is a beautiful and romantic place! Exploring becomes extra fun when you visit Amsterdam during a pleasant climate.
The most appropriate yet best time to visit Amsterdam is just before or after the hot summer season. Also, the summer months are the peak time to find a superfluous crowd there. The charm and the pull of Amsterdam still remain the same if you go there off season. Every bit of the place is as attractive as it is during the summertime high tourist season. Another good thing about visiting Amsterdam during months from September to November is that you get a slight hike in the hotel prices and bookings. One must always be pocket-wise! The best thing about Amsterdam is that whichever time of the year you travel there; you are going to find bundles of joy. With more than 300 festivals every year, it is among the top destination spots in North Western Europe. Among the top winter festivities of Amsterdam, a few are ‘The Light Festival’, ‘The Christmas Season’ and the exhibition fests at the museums. On the other hand, if you visit Amsterdam during March-June, just the right time before the high summer knocks in; you can enjoy the city in vibrant colors. The film festivals and the King’s Day celebrations are a big thrill during this time of the year. The famous ‘Tulip Festival’ also knocks in the month of April making it a good time to visit Amsterdam. Enjoy your trip amidst the blooming tulips all over the beautiful city!
Fret not If you have missed the season March-June, If you are planning to visit this city during September-November, It is right decision absolutely, there are many other cultural and dancing festivals during this season even if It is Forro Amsterdam Festival, Dockyard Festival or any Music Festival. This is a full of Charm, Enjoy, peaceful and Relaxed Environment. So do not think a lot anymore and have a party and dance with these happy-minded Dutch people and keep this in your brain throughout your life and keep yourself laid-back forever.

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