1. Everyone in Amsterdam smokes weed
Smoke weed in Amsterdam

Although this seems like that due being decriminalized for personal use, smoking of marijuana and hashish, I can tell you that this is far from the truth. In case you did not know, the sale and buy of marijuana and hash is decriminalized in The Netherlands but still illegal. What does actually mean is that you are allowed to buy it from coffeeshops (not coffee houses – here are two different things) and smoke it. This law is in place since 1972 and because of it less and less people smokes. Although many tourists visit Amsterdam to smoke weed, not many locals do so. Dutch people are amongst the lowest users of cannabis from Europe and the chance someone high or stoned to mess with your Amsterdam visit is less likely.

So, NOT everyone in Amsterdam smokes weed.

  1. Prostitutes are everywhere in Amsterdam
Sex in Amsterdam
Red Light District in Amsterdam

With prostitution being legal and controlled in The Netherlands you might think you will see prostitutes everywhere. That is not true. Unless you go in Red Light District or in a sex club, the chances to see prostitutes on the street are 0. Sex workers wants discretion as much as their clients wants so. But if you are up trying something new to spice up your life, the sex worker from Amsterdam might offer you a unique experience.

So, unless you go look for them, prostitutes are NOT everywhere in Amsterdam.

  1. Dutch food is tasteless
Dutch food in Amsterdam
Dutch food in Amsterdam

For some cultures, Dutch food might seem blunt and tasteless. I mean, having fries with mayo or mashed potatoes with sausage is not the best food you can have but is still good. If you want something more than the traditional cheese, salads, haring and sausages, Amsterdam is full with restaurants with worldwide kitchens. You can have all kinds of Asian food, All-you-can-eat restaurants are pretty popular in Amsterdam and they serve delicious food. Or you can try some oriental food like Turkish or Egyptian which for sure is anything but tasteless. Lately, all over the city are pop-up stores with all kinds of heathy foods. You choice is unlimited.

So, although Dutch food might be tasteless for some people is NOT the only kind of food you find in Amsterdam.

  1. Dutch people are cold
Dutch people
Dutch people

Its well known that Dutch people are not amongst most friendly people from the world. But that is not totally true. Most of the people are super nice and friendly and always willing to help you out in need. The stigma around this statement that Dutch people are “cold” is because they are pretty straight forward and they are not ashamed to tell you what on their mind. But almost everyone speaks English and they might go out of their way to help you.

So, Dutch people are NOT cold



  1. The Amsterdam weather is shitty
Amsterdam weather

The weather in Amsterdam is not as sunny and warm as in other countries from the south but this does not mean you don’t get beautiful days. The rainy season is usually in the fall and a bit in the spring. The good part about Dutch weather is that there are not super cold days in the winter. Winters are soft and summers in the past years are hot. The rainy days can be easily avoided by checking the weather before coming to Amsterdam or having a rainy poncho always with you. Umbrellas are everywhere for sale, so even you do not bring your own from home, you can always buy on for around 10€.

So, the Amsterdam weather is NOT that shitty

  1. Everything is expensive
Amsterdam is expensive
Amsterdam is expensive

Now you must think everything is so expensive in Amsterdam. But comparing to what? Now comparing to London, actually Amsterdam is much cheaper but comparing with Asia, indeed prices are much higher. Indeed, if you come from a country where everything is much cheaper the prices here would seem to the sky but take in consideration it’s just a holiday and the beauty and the experience of the city is worth every cent. If you plan everything in advance you can save a lot of money and avoid many unnecessary costs.

So, NOT everything is expensive in Amsterdam

  1. In Amsterdam are too many bikes
Amsterdam bikes
Amsterdam bikes

Indeed, the main transportation way of the Dutch is cycling. In Amsterdam each road has a bicycle path where no pedestrians or cars can be on. That makes it easier for everyone keep their space. Its much easier to travel by bike in Amsterdam due its narrow streets and much traffic. In Amsterdam, centre many streets are car free and in about 10 to 15 years the Amsterdam government aims to make Amsterdam central area all car free. You can even rent a bike yourself to discover the city; it’s a nice thing to do.

So, in Amsterdam are indeed a lot of bikes but this will NOT interfere with your Amsterdam visit

  1. Taxis are a rip-off
Taxi Amsterdam
Taxi Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, taxis are well regulated by the state and is very hard to find an illegal taxi. That’s why all taxis your find is legal and they all have a meter on the board to calculate exactly the cost of your trip. In Amsterdam taxis might be more expensive than another European country but is because the cars used for taxy are luxurious limousines and very clean. You can even ride a Tesla taxi. How cool is that? If you still want to avoid taxis you can always use Uber. Uber is regulated as well so all drivers are vetted and registered by the city council.

So, taxis in Amsterdam are NOT a rip-off


  1. In Amsterdam you must tip
Tipping in Amsterdam

No, in Amsterdam tip is not required although always appreciated. The horeca employees are well paid and they don’t rely on tips. So, even you want to tip calculate around 10% of the total bill. But even if you don’t want to tip nobody will be angry at you how might happen in other countries. If you are on a budget in Amsterdam do not worry about tipping. Also, in most of the places you can pay by credit or debit card and usually you will be charged the actual bill price and not with extra tip.

So, in Amsterdam you do NOT have to tip


  1. Amsterdam is not a kid-friendly city
Kids-friendly activities in Amsterdam
Kids-friendly activities in Amsterdam

This is true and not in the same time. I mean, you can’t let your kid running around on the streets in Amsterdam center because like in any metropolitan city traffic is busy and you have extra bikes what you must be aware about. But you have many kid-friendly activities in Amsterdam too. Like, jumping and climbing parks, swimming pools, and you have nice parks not to far from the Amsterdam center.

Shops like Jamine is a kid paradise. They are all over the city and they all kinds of candy you can think of.

So, Amsterdam it is NOT a not kid-friendly city

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