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Acai bowls (Acai na tigela), avocado eggs, organic coffee are only few of the hip super foods. They are not only super healthy but the are delicious as well. For a healthy breakfast or a late brunch here is a list with best best places in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a healthy brunch or a coffee with a dessert without feeling guilty.

  1. Pluk Amsterdam Reestraat
Pluk Amsterdam Reestraat Healthy Coffee

Nice little spot in the heart of Amsterdam between one of the famous 9 Streets, Pluk is a quirky shop who sells desserts and brunches foods what are not only healthy and delicious but also Instagramable. Try a macha cake with fresh ginger tea for a cold afternoon or an avocado breakfast for a begin of a wandering day.

And of you already had breakfast, lunch or coffee but you want a souvenir to bring to your friends Pluk sells all kinds of mugs, earrings or paper planners.

Pluk Amsterdam menu

Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam



2.  Omelegg – Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

Omelegg Amsterdam Brunch
Omelegg Amsterdam Brunch

Fantastic omelets, friendly staff and inexpensive prices. A small hidden place close to Central Station with quirky small tables and benches this place is very easy to miss when you pass by. Early birds with opening times from 7 AM in the week days and from 8 AM in weekends Omlelegg is a must try for anyone who likes eggs and healthy and delicious breakfasts and lunches.

Omelegg Amsterdam menu

Nieuwebrugsteeg 24, 1012 AH Amsterdam


3.  Vegan Junk Food Bar

Easily said the best vegan fast food in Amsterdam! unbelievable delicious vegan burger, loaded fries all in a fashionable setting. The Vegan Junk Food Bar is building up on its triumph and is a perfect place for the vegans out there who also merit a cheat day! Marvelous concept and absolutely amazing how junk food is replicated in a Vegan option. Combination of Vegan food and fast. Can be crowded so there might be a waiting list.

Vegan Junk Food Bar menu

VJFB – West
Staringplein 22

VJFB – East Side
Eerste van Swindenstraat 389

VJFB – De Pijp
Marie Heinekenplein 9 – 10


4. Munch Food Fit To Go

Tasty, delicious juices which will make you fast addicted. A variety of milk base like almond, oat, coconut or water based juices for people who has specific wishes. Salads and smoothie bowls are served in beautiful environment and they are laptop friendly.

Beethovenstraat 77, 1077 HP Amsterdam

Much Food Fit To Go menu


5. Vascobelo Café-Brasserie Stadionplein

In the South part of Amsterdam, next to the Olympic Stadium, you find the Vascobelo Café-Brasserie Stadionplein. High ceilings, fantastic library and stunning open kitchen accompanied by best coffee in town and healthy and delicious food. They are describing their menu as “breakfasts are famous; lunches healthy and quick; and dinners exquisite” and we agree 100%. On top of it they offer ORGANIC wines.

Vascobelo Cafe-Brasserie Stadionplein menu

Stadionplein 100, 1076 CK Amsterdam

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