Some Amsterdam hotels are not brand new builded, but they are remodeled from old buildings which used to be totally different things than what they are now. Here is a list with most interesting ones:


  1. Amrath Hotel

Build and called as a piece of art, the building from Prins Hendrikkade 108, was not meant to be a hotel when was constructed in early 1900. First was used as a headquarters of six shipping companies where also travelers could buy voyage tickets. The booking counters are still existent and could be seen inside of the hotel.

In 1983 the building is taken over by public transport company (GVB) and remains so until 1998. The remodeling of the 5* hotel starts in 2003 and in 2007 is the grand opening of Grand Hotel  Amrath Amsterdam and meanwhile wins several prizes.



  1. Art’Otel

When the six shipping companies build themselves the what is now Amrath Grand Hotel, one competition company decided to build its own office building. The company called Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd (KHL) opened its doors in 1920 and due its low performance in 1922 moved its headquarters to Oostelijke Handelskade. The building left behind took the name of Lloyd building and was taken into use by Land Registry. Later it has been converted into Art’otel by Park Plaza Hotels and Resorts and opened its doors in 2013.



  1. NH Amsterdam Noord

The true urban legend says in the past this building used to be a hospital. Although in the late 80’s was transformed in NH Noord Hotel, there are still here and there left designs which give you a hospital feeling.



  1. College Hotel

A sophisticated 19th century construction build on purpose of being a school and kept its intention until mid-2000’s. In 2005 the school becomes College Hotel where students from many institutes are working as staff. The hotel is managed by experts.


  1. W Amsterdam

In 1903 is build the first post and telecommunication center from Amsterdam central. An unique building design with Dutch influences and best location, this building its used its sole purpose until 2015 when Starwood corporation took it over and transformed it in a 5* hotel called W.

Located on the area of two front facing buildings, the second one used to be a bank and now became the second part of the hotel called The Dutchess.



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