The capital city of ‘Kingdom of Netherlands’, Amsterdam has a bucket full of visitor attractions. The city houses beautiful museums, ancient churches, finely built bridges and iconic buildings. Widely famous with the nickname ‘Venice of the North,’ it has no less than 100 canals running through it. The city is popular for its intricate water canal system. At every corner, there is something amazing to explore in this cosmopolitan capital city of Europe. Be it romantic coffee shops, the pretty flower market or the fine architecture; Amsterdam is indeed beautiful!
If you are planning to book your tickets, here is a quick guide for you to know about the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Go on exploring. . .


1. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the most famous art repository in Amsterdam. Undeniably, it is the national museum of the Netherlands. The museum is a big attraction among the visitors who want to explore the works of finest of art and architecture in Amsterdam. It’s amazing to note that if we go by numbers, the total collection of artifacts must be more than a million. These masterpieces date back from the 13th century onward.


2. Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam owes this famous museum to the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. This museum is a major pull among the visitors. Van Gogh museum houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings. Each year, too many a people, in millions visit this Museum to witness the best works of his art work and thus, making it to the second most famous tourist attraction in Amsterdam.


3. The Canals of Amsterdam

Initially, Canals were built to check the flow of the Amstel River water in the city. But today, these canals have become a reason for Amsterdam’s much popularity in terms of its intricate architecture and structure. The entire city dwells along these water canals. The visitors find it soothing to take a boat ride along these canals. It’s a delight to witness the city’s ancient architecture whilst enjoying the natural surroundings.

4. The Anne Frank Museum

You must have heard about Anne Frank! This tourist museum is whole heatedly dedicated to her. The museum is a remark of the tense history. Anne Frank died when she was 15. But, her work deserves a remarkable respect. Anne wrote a diary that became an international bestseller after her death. This museum is in memory of the lost talent Anne Frank.



5. The Begijnhof

This tourist attraction in Amsterdam is slightly different from the others. It is a collection of well maintained green lawns, open courtyards which sets a perfect and serene place to add in your must visit list. The city’s oldest preserved wooden house (year 1465) is also located inside the Begijnhof as well. This place is good to explore as only a few people are aware of this beautiful green place.


6. The Flower Market
The famous Flower Market in Amsterdam is loved by most travelers. It’s the most fragrant place you can visit in Amsterdam. This permanent market’s trend prevails since the year 1862. The flower stalls float on boats. It’s absolutely a delight to watch the city colored in vibrant flower colors. The local Dutch people also call it ‘Bloemenmarkt.’ Well, thanks to the fact that it’s the “world’s only floating flower market,” it remains very popular with the tourists.

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