If you want to sit in the middle of nature, sipping a glass of good wine and watching over the lakes, watching magnolias and birds, the beautiful ducks you can simply go to Vondel park. Inside the park you will find few cafes and restaurants if you get hungry or you can just buy something from the closed by market and have a “mini-picnic”.


Less busy than Vondel park, this park is mostly visited by locals and expats. With amazing water works and superb landscaping Westerpark is a very good place to exercise, to enjoy cycling or visit the farm where the goats and calves will not mind if you want to hug them. Inside that park lies a historical building called Westergasfabriek which was build in 1883 and now is being used as cultural events.


A suburban park situated in the west side of Amsterdam, Sloterpark has a huge lake surrounded of green trees and many bridges. The park is a good place for water sports, fishing (you will need a permit for that), exercising or just relaxing. Sloterpark has an artificial beach and few restaurants on the shore where you can chill in the summer. The cafes and restaurants are based in the S-W part of the lake and are open all year round.


One of the few forests from Amsterdam area, Amsterdamsebos is the home of a goat farm from where you can buy fresh cheese and milk. In the park you will find a pancake house and restaurant cafe where you can have breakfast or lunch. In the middle of the park is an Olympic rowing lake where athletes but not only train all year round. The hotel Spa Zuiver is located in the park and offers besides tennis courts which can be rented by the hour, also a full working spa.

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