Old world European charm meets with modern day culture. This is what Amsterdam is all about. Amsterdam attracts plenty of visitors year round because of its impressive architecture, buildings and mansions that are centuries old, arts and museums, friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere, opportunities for some serious partying, and of course, its red light district. Now, that’s history, culture and fun all neatly wrapped up in one attractive package! Truly, a vacation in Amsterdam is well worth thinking about.
This city is the capital of the Netherlands and is famous for the five canals that encompass the old city, namely, the Singel, the Singelgracht, the Keizersgracht, the Herengracht and the Prinsengracht. Some tour companies offer vacation packages that include a chance to cruise the canals.
You can spend hours and hours exploring what Amsterdam has to offer. A walk along its streets will yield architectural and cultural treasures. It has, after all, some 7,000 registered historical buildings – medieval homes, cathedrals, canal mansions galore! Amble along Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat and look at houses that date back to the early 1400s. These buildings hark back to the time when Amsterdam was a flourishing hub of commercial activity during the medieval period. Beginjhof 2- 3, Beginjhof 34 (which is the city’s oldest), Warmoestraat 5 and 83 are some of the most popular.
Head to Rijksmuseum which is where you can find the masterpieces of Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt. For a look a more modern works, there is Stedelijk Museum CS. You should also visit the Anne Frank House and the Jewish Historical Museum, which is a poignant reminder of the city’s place in the world’s tumultuous history. There are plenty of other museums, some featuring modern architecture, archaeology, or history and some featuring fascinating subjects and exhibits. Would you believe that there is a museum dedicated to sex (with a collection of sex artifacts and oddities), and other museums dedicated to torture, as well as Hash, Marijuana and Hemp? That is how diverse the museum scene in Amsterdam is!
When choosing a vacation package, be sure to pick one that covers your interest. The key to having a great time in Amsterdam is to do some planning but also be ready to go with the flow.

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