Madame Tussauds its a museum which presents worldwide stars and famous people as wax statues. This museum is one of the 7 european locations and Amsterdam Madame Tussauds is the only wax museum of its kind which is home of some exclusive statues like the princess Beatrix, queen Maxima and King Willem Alexander.

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Established in 1926 The Amsterdam Museum was called until 2011 Amsterdam Historisch Museum. Here are gathered all items and information existed about Amsterdam history, was was formed and how evolved. The Amsterdam Museum manages the collection of the city of Amsterdam. A large part of this is in our Collection Center: more than 80,000 objects. About half of the objects are kept by the city itself, the other half comes from donations and legacies. The collection has grown since the sixteenth century, when the city council first placed paintings and other objects in the town hall on the Dam. In the course of time many collections of urban institutions have been added, for example the militia pieces, the regent portraits, the guild silver collection and the statues of David and Goliath.

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Amsterdam Museum Hall

Sexmuseum or Venus Palace is one of the most visited museum from Amsterdam in the year 2016. Here you can see the sex history from the Greek and Roman until today and lot of references to the pop culture of eroticism, photos and funny figures. Nothing embarrassing or too perverse but sometimes funny. 

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Westerkerk is a church located next to Anne Frank House. The reason of becoming a tourist attraction is because was the biggest protestant church ever build. The church entrance is free but on top of it you will find the Westerkerk Tower and the entrance fee is 7€. There are 180 steps till the top which are steep but when you arrive up, the view is worth every sweat.

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Here is the place where you can feel the real vibe of the city. The middle point of Amsterdam, also called The Dam. Royal Palace, shopping streets, many cafes and restaurant are located in Dam area. Besides the Amsterdam’s signature canal-bridge photos, here is the place where you can shoot some nice pictures with the street artists and the Royal Palace.

In Dam square every year takes place many kinds of events like concerts, manifestations, art markets and so on. In the winter time, the city hall will have displayed a huge Christmas tree very beautiful decorated. When beautiful days are shining,  many pigeons gather in the square and they let people to feed them with bread crumbles.

While wandering around Dam Square you will find interesting street performers which will entertain you or take photos with you. Loads of cost-free amusement taking place, therefore be ready to drop a few euros into the hats of the local talent. Dam square is a good start point for all popular sights and with the entrance directly from the square are Madame Tussaud wax museum, the Royal Palace and The New Church.

Dam Square is filled with beautiful architecture and heritage so take your time to enjoy every piece of this amazing place.

Another good place to shop in Amsterdam is the De Bijenkorf. It is a huge shopping chain that has the top international brands such as Hugo Boss, Scotch & Soda, Ted Baker & Tommy Hilfiger. Bijenkorf stands for ‘beehive.’ The shopping center is actually a beehive of all these brands declaring it a Dutch favorite and the building it is owned by the Dutch queen herself.

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This popular shopping street runs through Dam square and the Muntplein. It is a popular shopping area that is surrounded by a series of music stores, fashion stores and shoe stores. It’s a 750-meter long street roughly which is a huge crowd puller! Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, Kalverstraat is one of the busiest places in the city. On Kalverstraat you can find brands like H&M, Zara, FootLocker, Nike, Douglas and Lush.
The only area where you can find all together all art dealers and rare art objects. This is the best place if you want to hunt for antiques. It houses a collection of antique shops and galleries with impressively collected works of paintings, ceramics, glass, jewels, furniture, tribal and Asian collectibles.
Next to all quirky shops, in this area are located most of the art galleries and some pop-up art shops. For all art, vintage, antique lovers this is the place not to miss. Almost unexpected to find this type of shopping area in Amsterdam.

Next to Van Gogh museum you can find Moco museum which shows the art of Banksy and Salvador Dali. Make sure to give yourself enough time to read all the messages and explanations listed on every piece of art. The museum is not too big and the waiting line is nonexistent. Compared with Amsterdam museums entree prices, Moco museum has an affordable entree rate.

Banky is an anonymous graffiti artist from England who’s funny and political referred art got world wide attention.

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Moco Museum Amsterdam



You must have heard about Anne Frank! This tourist museum is wholeheartedly dedicated to her. The museum is a remark of the tense history. Anne Frank died when she was 15 years old. But, her work deserves a remarkable respect. Anne wrote a diary that became an international bestseller after her death. This museum is in memory of the girl who wrote about her short life she lived thru holocaust.

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