This Amsterdam free tourist attraction is slightly different from the others. It is a collection of well maintained green lawns, open courtyards which sets a perfect and serene place to add in your must visit list. The city’s oldest preserved wooden house (year 1465) is also located inside the Begijnhof as well. This place is good to explore as only a few people are aware of this beautiful green place.

  • 1012 Amsterdam

  • Thursday 9AM–5PM
    Friday 9AM–5PM
    Saturday 9AM–5PM
    Sunday 9AM–5PM
    Monday 9AM–5PM
    Tuesday 9AM–5PM
    Wednesday 9AM–5PM

The outstanding display of flowers situated on the Singel Canal from where you can buy seeds, bulbs or souvenirs, is named Floating Flower Market or Bloemenmarkt. An incredible selection of wonderfully vibrant blossoms, tulips and bulbs to your heart’s happiness which is a  gardener’s heaven. Between all the bulbs and seeds you will find an array of interesting little gimmicks to bring back home with you and offer to friends and family.

Located between Rembrandt Square and Dam Square, Flower Market is one of the top tourist Amsterdam attractions. Due the fact that the market is located on a side of Singel canal, comes the name of Floating Market.

  • Singel 630, 1017 Amsterdam

  • Monday 9AM–5.30PM
    Tuesday 9AM–5.30PM
    Wednesday 9AM–5.30PM
    Thursday 9AM–5.30PM
    Friday 9AM–5.30PM
    Saturday 9AM–5.30PM
    Sunday 11.30AM–5.30PM

Westerkerk is a church located next to Anne Frank House. The reason of becoming a tourist attraction is because was the biggest protestant church ever build. The church entrance is free but on top of it you will find the Westerkerk Tower and the entrance fee is 7€. There are 180 steps till the top which are steep but when you arrive up, the view is worth every sweat.

  • Monday 11AM–4PM
    Tuesday 11AM–4PM
    Wednesday 11AM–4PM
    Thursday 11AM–4PM
    Friday 11AM–4PM
    Saturday 1.04-1.11

    Rest of the year Closed

    Sunday Closed