coffeeshop amsterdam


Bluebird coffee shop has the atmosphere of a busy city centre café. This is because of its popularity and the location’s proximity to a number of tourist places in the eastern part of Amsterdam. The range of quality smoke is sure to tempt all those who want to indulge in some cannabis. Vaporisers and other smoking accessories are available behind the bar.

  • Monday 9.30AM–1AM
    Tuesday 9.30AM–1AM
    Wednesday 9.30AM–1AM
    Thursday 9.30AM–1AM
    Friday 9.30AM–1AM
    Saturday 9.30AM–1AM
    Sunday 9.30AM–1AM

It’s a good coffee shop both for first timers and the ones who are cannabis lovers. The coffee is good in taste and the place is quite famous. The reason behind its popularity is that the star cast of the popular movie ‘ocean’s 12′ spent their time here in this coffee shop while shooting in Amsterdam.

This is a perfect stop after walking the shopping street around the area. Located on a small side street to the Amsterdam’s main shopping street, Dampkring is well known to all cannabis lovers not only for the good quality weed they offer but also for them milkshakes. Yes, you read right, milkshakes.

  • Friday 10AM–1AM
    Saturday 10AM–1AM
    Sunday 10AM–1AM
    Monday 10AM–1AM
    Tuesday 10AM–1AM
    Wednesday 10AM–1AM
    Thursday 10AM–1AM