Top 10 gifts and souvenirs to buy from Amsterdam


You can’t visit Amsterdam and go back with empty hands. If you don’t know what gifts or souvenirs to buy for the loved ones here is a list with the most popular gifts to buy from Amsterdam

1.      Wooden shoes

Wooden shoes gift ideaThe traditional wooden shoes are one of the most sold Dutch souvenirs. Not only they are long lasting but they look good in the living room. Although few people in the Dutch country side they still wear them, I don’t think are too comfortable. So, just buy a pair to add it to your world travel souvenirs or gift it to someone back home.

2.      Dutch cheese

Several Dutch cheese ships popped up in the past years all over the city center of Amsterdam. They sell all kinds of cheese from different animals and with delicious condiments. Cheese from goat to cows with paprika, cumin seeds or pesto are few types of the many they sell. The good thing is that you can taste them all before buying. The Amsterdam cheese shops have on sales packs of 3 with different tastes. Get a pack and impress the ones at home. Makes a beautiful gift too. Add to it a chopper and a cheese cutter and your gift will be unique. You can complete your cheese plate with some jelly made special to work with the cheeses sold. Ask the seller for a good combi. Prices starts with 9,99€.

3.      Fridge magnets

Fridge magnet gift idea
Fridge magnet gift idea

The old and traditional fridge magnets. They are so cliché but are the most wanted souvenirs from travelers. One reason because they are easy to store and they can become part of a mini-world on everyone’s fridge. In 2020 the fridge magnets are so divers that it’s impossible not to find one for each individual. The cost of a fridge magnet goes from 3€ per piece to 5-6€ for the bigger ones in size. Most of the souvenir shops sells it in packs of 3, for example 3 pieces for 5€ or 10€, again depending of size and how nice it is. Tulip magnets are very popular and of course the miniature wooden shoes. City skyline fridge magnets are also between most popular gifts and souvenirs.

4.      T-shirts

The funny t-shirts used to be very popular in the [past years. Although at the moment this type of gift is less chosen, still its worth to have a laugh with your friends when they open the gift from you and appears a t-shirt with the message “My friend was in Amsterdam and all I got is this lousy t-shirt”. Still funny. A Dutch gift which will always be there years after years. Choose from the classic t-shirt to hoodies on all colors with funny messages with prices ranging from 15€ to 50€.

5.      Sweets with cannabis flavor

Lollipops, candies and cakes with cannabis flavor to taste the marijuana in a legal way. No, you will not get stoned from it as is just flavored. Its legal to take it with you in the plane. If you are into it, this might be a gift idea.

6.      Tulip bulbs

Tulips bulbs Amsterdam Gift IdeaA traditional Dutch gift or souvenir which will give pleasure for many years to come are tulip bulbs. They can be bought at almost any souvenir shop or in Flower Market in Amsterdam Centre. In flower Market you can find all kinds of bulbs mostly of tulips but other plants too. Tulips of all colors and types at reasonable prices. Imagine someone loved looking at their garden and enjoying some beautiful red tulips which came from far away in Amsterdam. Each tulip bulbs bag has instruction with the best times to plant and how to care for it. A bag of 9 tulip bulbs starts with 10€.

7.      Stroopwaffels

StrropwaffelA sweet gift which I can promise you anyone would enjoy. Stroopwaffels is a traditional Dutch dessert made with thin waffles and honey. Something you find in The Netherlands only and can be bought almost anywhere. In the souvenir shops, in supermarkets and even in the airport. You can find it beautifully boxed in a tin box with beautiful pictures of Amsterdam or in Dutch style. You can find it from couple of € up to 30€ for the big boxes.

8.      Personalized Heineken glass

While in Amsterdam you must visit Heineken Experience. While enjoying the story of how the most famous beer in the world got born and how it made, you can buy from the museum shop, a glass or a beer bottle with the loved one name printed on it. This is an unexpected gift for any beer lover. If you plan to visit Heineken Experience buy your tickets and skip the line

9.      Ajax merchandise

For the football lovers this is the ultimate gift. The Amsterdam Ajax shop is located at Amsterdam Arena. There you can find the official Ajax Amsterdam Team shop and you can buy items like club t-shirts, football sets, footballs, bags and more. The most important thing people buy is the seasonal t-shirt. Each football season is a new t-shirt and for the real collectors this is a must-have.


10.  Postcards

How easy and old fashioned but how powerful and thoughtful. In 2020 almost nobody expects to receive an actual postcard but imagine the excitements when the receiver open its post and sees a “Hello from Amsterdam”

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