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How to visit Amsterdam in covid-19 pandemic

Can I travel to Amsterdam during covid? You might wonder if it’s a smart idea to still bring your long-time plan to life: the one to visit Amsterdam. Taken in consideration what happen in the past year you might have doubts which are very understandable. Everyone’s around you for sure would advise you against it but if you still have your mind on it and you want to come to Amsterdam here are some tips and extra information you need to know to make you visit safe for you and the ones around you.

First thing first is to check if your actual location is considered a red or orange zone for The Netherlands. You can do that by checking Dutch government website and see if you country is listed. As your country is on the list you will have to self-quarantine for 10 days. I can imagine this is not a nice way to spend your holiday. Unless this is something you to, avoid visiting The Netherlands at the moment. 2020 was a promising year but we came to the conclusion that is much better to postpone our plan to 2021. You can always get a coronavirus test before coming to Amsterdam but even if your test result is negative you will still need to self-quarantine.

Are the touristic places open in Amsterdam during coronavirus pandemic?

So, if your country is not listed on the government website you can come and visit Amsterdam and take advantage by the all touristic places which are almost empty. This can be a plus if you compare with the usual times when Amsterdam full of tourists and would take you long time to visit all known places. Long queues now are inexistent and almost all museums are open.

Whether you fly or come by car take care to always have with you face masks and hand sanitizer. Face masks can be of any kind due medical masks not being mandatory. Why do have masks with you? Because public transport all over the country can’t be used without wearing one. Hand sanitizer can be found on any shop or establishment at the entrance so to be fair you don’t really need it unless you want to.

Many, but not most of touristic places and including restaurants need a reservation before visiting so best is to buy your tickets, if needed, and then call the establishment to ask if they have a rule regarding your visit.

Nightclubs are closed and bars are open only in the early evenings. So, you want to have a drink use the bar at your hotel, or buy your own booze from supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Jumbo.

Most important rule when visit Amsterdam during pandemic

The one and most coronavirus rule which The Netherlands goes for is keeping distance wherever you are. Distance if 1.5 meters between you and any other person.

Another thing not to forget is to check your medical insurance before your visit to Amsterdam in the pandemic. Check if they cover your expenses if you get the virus. Not all insurance companies do so and would be a pity to find yourself in a situation to must pay thousands of euro for something what had been easily avoided.

In other words, you are welcome to visit Amsterdam in corona virus outbreak but be ready to quarantine yourself and always have on hand face mask and hand sanitizer. Always check Dutch government website to latest updates on rules which change weekly.

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