Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands. Rich in its history, Amsterdam is the land of museums and famous canals. The city intertwines historic past and urban flair. There’s a chain of things that await you to explore them when you visit Amsterdam. It is widely popular for its artistic and traditional heritage, detailed canal system and small houses throughout the city area. Not only this, the city houses a number of ancient churches and courtyards which make Amsterdam loaded with amazing visitor sites.

Of course, if you plan to visit Amsterdam, you must be interested to know that every year more than 300 festivals are held here. So, it doesn’t matter which time of the year you visit Amsterdam, the city would always be lit with vibrant and diverse festivities all around. The next good thing about the ‘Venice of the North’ is it’s efficiently made canal system. The beauty of Amsterdam is built around intricate canals, breathtaking architecture, and recent technology. Throughout the city, you are going to find a sizable system of canals. Some cool folks prefer to call Amsterdam, ‘The Dam.’ It’s also the place where you are surprisingly going to find more bicycles than the residents. What a fun to explore the city on bikes!

Amsterdam is indeed beautiful and hence, it attracts many professional photographers who come here and capture the spectacular scenes of Amsterdam. Its charm is captivating and worth the praise. The sunset views are breathtaking! The city is coloured with the lovely flowers in the flower market. Amazingly, Amsterdam is home to highest number of nationalities out of any city in the world. Travellers in thousands from around the world visit Amsterdam every year.  With a plenty full of destination places in the city, at every turn, you find something fun to do.

Rich in ancient museums and classic art and architecture, Amsterdam is home to several of them such as Van Gogh Museum, Verzetsmuseum and the Rijksmuseum. Every place in there has a string attached with historic values to them. The whole city stands on a water body. This is the major reason why the majority of buildings in Amsterdam are built on long poles. Mostly, the people living there are as tall as 184cm. If you plan a trip to Amsterdam, it means you are definitely going to meet a lot of giant people. In fact, the people are so friendly that they greet you to the safest city with their warm hearts. Yes, Amsterdam has a far lower crime rate than most other popular European capital cities!  So It is safe for you and your Journey.

Amsterdam is also renowned for its Coffee shops, Cuisine and Red Light District. But you can be shocked and surprised because most of the coffee shops won’t offer you coffee but marijuana. Yes, In Amsterdam, It is legal and sold openly, marijuana shops are also called coffee shops. So make up your mind what you want to take, coffee or marijuana?

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